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Our Vision

We are building a garden of earthly delights
to feed our community and awaken our senses
while strengthening our local food sovereignty
and collective well-being.

A central place for comfort and connection
that makes it an easy pleasure for EVERYBODY
to eat deliciously and sustainably
on every schedule or budget...

Fill your home with our lovingly curated
a la carte offerings.
Grab a quick bite of enlivened food on the go
or relax here with us –
settling into sumptuous banquettes,
community farm tables, and cozy spaces.

Warm yourself by our stone hearth,
captivated by enticing aromas.
Get cozy in our garden lounge
surrounded by lush plant life.
Enjoy our line-up of local musicians,
artisans, and educators,
and relish the talent that resides here
in our enchanting hamlet.

With a culture of curiosity,
creativity and inclusivity,
we’ll celebrate the abundant pleasures
of our thriving community!

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7 Realms of Delight

To Relish Here, Take Out or Fill Your Fridge


A Place Conjuring Both...


Warm Center. Engine of Life. Pulsing hub.



Our home from which we grow and derive sustenance; the land that inspires our senses and gives us our power. 

We will evolve, awaken & flourish. 


We can feel it.

Join Us!

Calling All Artisans & Enthusiasts of life...

Chefs, growers, makers, mongers, maestros, foragers, preservers & behind-the-scene gurus; all bartenders, botanists, shepherds, servers, artists, poets, healers, readers, dancers, fire-tenders, fishers, biologists, ministers, stargazers & walkers in the rain.

Seize the day.

We are waiting for you

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Share Your Cravings!  Join us!  Share Your Creations!

Lino Block print by John Herman

Watch our building come alive!


Our Vision

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