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Committed to Nourishing

Food is life. Food is love! Bite by bite and sip by sip, we find meaning and joy in taking care of each other, regenerating our land, and building a brighter future. With each relationship we build, we have the chance to grow our personal and collective potential. Together—in pleasure—we can revitalize our bodies, communities, and planet.

It’s Our Mission

Food & Drink for All Your Senses

To Relish Here, Take Out or Fill Your Fridge


A Place Conjuring Both...

Warm Center. Engine of Life. Pulsing hub.
Our home from which we grow & derive sustenance;
the land that inspires our senses & gives us our power. 

We evolve, awaken
& flourish together.

Join Us!

Calling All Artisans & Enthusiasts of life...

Chefs, growers, makers, mongers, maestros, foragers, preservers & behind-the-scene gurus; all bartenders, botanists, shepherds, servers, artists, poets, healers, readers, dancers, fire-tenders, fishers, biologists, ministers, stargazers & walkers in the rain.

Seize the day.

We are waiting for you

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Share Your Cravings!  Join us!  Share Your Creations!

Lino Block print by John Herman

Watch our building come alive!


Our Vision

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