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Food is life...Food is love!

Bite by bite and sip by sip, we find great joy and meaning in breaking bread together,
 taking care of each other, regenerating our land, and building a brighter future.

With each relationship we build, we have the chance to grow our personal and collective potential.

It’s Our Mission

Food & Drink
for All Your Senses

To Relish Here, Take Out
or Fill Your Fridge

Taking time to make it real

This is just the beginning!

For the past three years, Hearth Food Garden has been a wildly ambitious vision:
an adventure of dreams, an unwavering commitment to values, and an absolute labor of love!

Like many small businesses, this dream of a community gathering space where people are soulfully served sustainable nourishment has only come to life because of the tremendous passion and effort of many hands and hearts.

The hard and necessary work of sourcing local producers, crafting deliciously exciting menus, building an in-house culture of belonging—all on the shoulders of a lean and mighty team is buoyed by the promise of feeding our community so well that we become a center of sustenance that reconnects us to one another, strengthens our vitality and unleashes our infinite potential!

In some cases, the best way takes a little longer.

Just like our approach to food, we’re building this gathering space as slowly and sustainably as possible.

We are starting out very small compared to our enormous vision. You’ll see us revising, adding, and enhancing Hearth as we go.
We are eager for your feedback (and your grace) along the way.

We’re also excited to build upon a strong foundation incorporating your cravings
as we grow into our potential, together.

Come join us at the table because this is just the beginning!

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Calling all artists, artisans, and enthusiasts of life!

Ready for something new?

We are beyond eager to cultivate community, foment evolution, and nourish bellies and souls alike.

But we need you!

We are actively seeking chefs, growers, makers, servers, star-gazers and walkers in the rain. Check out our gain-sharing, benefits, development opportunities ... and JOIN OUR FAMILY!

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Lino Block print by John Herman

Watch our building come alive!