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My purpose in life is to create spaces that awaken people to their purpose and infinite possibility. This has actualized into a life’s journey centered around food - from seed to stomach. 

To me food is all about comfort, connection and community. Food is Life. Food is Love. Food is Art. Food is Pleasure. Each core to our vitality - they are all one. 

It is my deepest, most vulnerable, joy to finally share what I’ve spent the last two years visioning and cultivating with so many tremendously creative, courageous, generous spirits here on the glorious Portsmouth Seacoast and beyond. Hearth Food Garden is now ready to expand exponentially in COMMUNITY!

We will be a nurturing and joyous gathering space for every body to come together, celebrate our abundance, and deepen our roots to the sources of our sustenance.

a group of people posing for the camera

“Life is a never ending experiment, expanding the boundaries of the possible.” Paul Rogat Loeb  

Multi-media Collage by Keith Wasserman