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My purpose in life is to create spaces
that awaken people to purpose and possibility.
This has actualized into a life’s journey
centered around food - from seed to stomach. 

To me food is all about comfort, connection and community.
Food is Life. Food is Love. Food is Art. Food is Pleasure…
Each core to our vitality - they are all one. 

It is my deepest, most vulnerable, joy to have this opportunity
to build such a vision as Hearth Food Garden
with so many tremendously creative, courageous, generous people.

These past two years have been an adventure
beyond our wildest dreams, every step of the way
confirming my belief that when we join together,
there’s no limit to what is possible!   

We are so excited to open our doors,
gain our ground, serve, learn and grow with you!   

We didn’t get here of ourselves or by ourselves.  
We stand on the shoulders of our ancestry both distant and near.
The ones who gave birth to who we are and what we become.
Without their struggles, their commitments and spirit of hope,
we would have no place to dream, no place to explore,
and no ambitions to follow. We are humbled, and forever grateful 

for their tirelessness.

We are also grateful to those who have challenged us…
in a space that slows us, but also strengthens us.
We are thankful for struggles‘ gifts of opportunity.

Thank you to all of our loving and passionate co-heirs of faith:
family, friends, colleagues, mentors, investors, creatives,
contractors, vendors counselors and team-mates
past, present, and future. Without sacrifice, belief, and moxie
none of this could be possible!

Sincerely, and in Solidarity, 

Heidi & Team Hearth

“Life is a never ending experiment, expanding the boundaries of the possible.” Paul Rogat Loeb  

a group of people posing for the camera

Multi-media Collage by Keith Wasserman