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Art @ Hearth

is a celebration of our community’s fine artists!  

Here at Hearth - We believe that art is as essential to our vitality as the food. That’s why twice a year, timed with the equinox, an exhibit of regional artists will be curated by the inimitable Rebecca Proctor, from the award-winning Art Center in Dover, NH.

Guests are able to purchase artwork on-site, by simply scanning the QR Code displayed on the art walls at Hearth - or by clicking HERE to visit our online gallery.

With each new show, there will be an opening night reception celebrating the work and all who made it happen! 



showcases the collage work of Portsmouth resident Keith Wasserman

along with several sculptures from regional artist Shaune McCarthy


Artist Statement:

I am interested in colorful chaos, and unconscious storytelling. Working primarily with mixed media and magazine collage scraps, I assemble worlds which showcase a busy mind - juxtaposed with a steady hand. The process of creating the work is a continual surrender to "doing without thinking". It is only in the final stages of composition that the conscious mind is asked to participate, and evaluate the choices which led here. This dialogue between maker and witness, is then translated to the viewer and their unconscious, to reassemble the imagery and the narrative in the unknown knowing that speaks to them.

About Keith: 

Artist, musician, filmmaker, educator, and raconteur -  I've hiked the Smokey Mountains with adjudicated youth, made films in Holly-weird, and performed on stage at Austin City Limits.  I like to make things with people, and for people.  If you are either - reach out and say 'hey!'...



Artist Statement:

Making art exhilarates, absorbs and even mesmerizes me. When I’m working in the studio, the worries of the world and complications of everyday life disappear. I rely on chance and imagination as I keep my mind open to happy accidents. I may randomly apply color or pour paint onto the canvas and use a spatula, brush or gravity to reveal interesting shape and movement. Each painting has its own story to tell as all kinds of images pop up, often with an identifiable form or story. I frequently layer thick paint to add line and depth. The process of painting merges my passion for color, drama, movement and pattern. I am currently interested in the idea of peering through something to view something else, like a curtain. Scraped lines in wet paint reveal a different story beneath.



Hearth is thrilled to offer our space for artists to have their work appreciated by locals and visitors from all over the world. 

Stop in the gallery and immerse yourself in a world of delights - during the monthly  “Art Around Town” gallery walks - celebrating the rich community of galleries in downtown Portsmouth. 

Artists who are interested in exhibiting in the Art @ Hearth Gallery, please apply below...