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Why Do We Exist? 

We exist to feed community, awaken vitality & strengthen local food sovereignty. We exist to spread love & pleasure. 

What Do We Do? 

We source, craft & share soul-stirring sustenance. We gather community together in an inspiring, restorative & centralized space. We honor & celebrate unity & life. 

What Do We Believe? 

Food is Life, Art, & Love — all interchangeable and essential to thrive.

The earth is our mother, we are all kin & everything is connected.

Beauty & magic abound

Our individual awareness, intent & choices are extraordinarily powerful.

When we harness our highest ideals in everyday actions we transform our lives & world.

Each person is a unique spark with purpose burning inside. 

Personal growth & collective growth are intertwined.

Success can be assessed by how much we help those around us to develop & grow.

Our Promise

We are committed to the journey of becoming a regional model for: 

  • Familiar comfort food made incredibly delicious, sustainable & even therapeutic!
  • Making extraordinary craft products & soulful service accessible!
  • Building a Culture of Sharing through collaboration & cooperation!
  • Creating a thriving business model based in Permaculture Principles, Open Management & Bottom Line Change!
  • Expanding career growth & opportunities for the hospitality industry with life-changing trainings & apprenticeships from seed to stomach!
  • Demonstrating the economic & cultural benefits of Triple Bottom Line social enterprise!
  • The reach and power of the “Third Place” to support social cohesion, a healthy democracy & cultural/personal vitality

    Consider us your home away from home where every bite, sip & spontaneous interaction has purpose & meaning….