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We look to the proven order in nature to inform our systems & decision-making 

We’re part of a mysterious & majestic whole & thus seek to uncover inter-relationships 

We honor life - in all its forms & that includes things of which we are afraid & averse 

We know nothing exists (or survives) in nature without purpose, so we seek it everywhere 

We cultivate diversity because it creates vitality & resilience 

We understand that imperfection & suffering feeds evolution  


We know we are stronger together 

We actively seek & find ways to restore & build as many connections as we possibly can 

We dive into these “edge” spaces of connection where the most creative energy is accessed 

We build structures of belonging to add depth, diversity, joy & vitality to our work & life


Delicious nourishment & loving-kindness are two of life’s greatest gifts 

They activate safety, openness, connection, inspiration & optimism 

They balance the struggles inherent in life & growth 

They awaken a sense of wonderment & catalyze a reconnection with all that is 

They make the mundane sacred & are sacraments to the divine feminine  

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Integrity & Transparency

Curiosity & Creativity 

Generosity & Humility 

Humor & Playfulness


                 HOW DO WE DEFINE OUR SUCCESS?                   

We are clear, grounded & guided by our mission & values

We hire & engage by attracting extraordinary people who are a cultural fit first & foremost 

We are steadfast in the quality of our products, service, environment & atmosphere

We offer an incredible diversity of flavors & costs under one roof

We provide heart-centered, personalized hospitality feeding the vitality of our team & guests 

We create adventures for all the senses & celebrate the smallest of details

We foster experiences & environments providing nourishment, inspiration, respite & connection

We actively seek out, build & nurture reciprocal relationships

We value & adhere to existing systems that ground our operations

Our training program, shift schedules & ongoing events are valued & impactful

We empower our entire team to take charge with Bottom-line Change & Open Book Management 

We continually evaluate & evolve our systems with goals & metrics

We re-direct or release people on our team who do not contribute & uplift

We generate profits for people, community & planet


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